Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Check out this awesome pattern I just got

I went shopping today for e-patterns. You know I love e-patterns because when I see a pattern I like I want it NOW. So I was strolling through

and I came upon a couple patterns I just had to have RIGHT NOW.One of those patterns is by an amazing artist Renee" with Crow Roost Prims. Renee' is part of an 2 eBay groups with me and I am always insprired by her creations. You must check out her patterns and try your hands at a few

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Now if you are not a sewer or simply would love to add to your collection by the original artist you can find Renee' goodies at Lemon Poppy Seeds

This is one of her new goodies at LPS or Lemon Poppy Seeds ...NEW for November

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Come by and check out Renee's goodies. Her e-patterns are instant love and they are very low cost. Low Cost ...HIGH VALUE!